We are in search of people with a positive attitude and a passion for the job. Whether you are a student, a graduate or an experienced professional, discover the impact you could make with ARF.

Here at ARF, we believe in 3 core values: Respect, Integrity and Professionalism.

Our employees uphold the highest levels of integrity in all their dealings with clients and strategic partners. We aim to go above and beyond for our clients, to provide them with the best we have to offer, and ensure that they have the most holistic experience with us.

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The environment within ARF is filled with mutual respect, be it internally – amongst various members of the staff regardless of position, or externally – towards our strategic business partners, insurers and clients. At the same time, we value integrity strongly, where all our employees uphold the highest levels of integrity in all their dealings with clients.

Through the years, we have developed into one of the top insurance intermediaries within Singapore, with an ever growing employee base, and office facilities expansion to include a Customer Service Centre and a Contact Centre that is operational 7 days a week to serve our clients better. As we continue to grow, we also bring an extensive range of career opportunities which will be made available to outstanding individuals who share our values.


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In ARF, employees are given opportunities to develop and display their potential. To align the company’s direction and processes, 8 to 12 weeks guided training programme will be mentored for everyone coming onboard to ARF, depending on their prior experience in the insurance industry. Individual staff are expected to develop themselves besides being guided according to the company’s philosophy and everyone will be given the opportunity to grow, and the independence to develop their talents.

If you are new to the insurance industry and have the right mentality, ARF will have someone you to mentor you in the beginning, while you slowly learn the ropes of the industry. Once you are more comfortable in your position, you will then be provided with many opportunities to develop your potential and build your career in ARF.

You will also be given numerous opportunities to develop yourself, in terms of your soft skills, such as problem solving, and communication skills. We encourage critical thinking, and involve our employees in various forms of job enrichment, such as giving presentations during team meetings in order to develop confidence in the job.

At the same time, there would be various networking opportunities with people and strategic partners in the industry, where you will be invited and be given exposure to different events such as meetings and conferences. No matter what level your knowledge, technical and soft skills are, there is always room for improvement, which is why throughout your entire career with ARF, you will be enrolled in different types of training: mandatory training, technical skills development training, and soft skills development training. This way, you will continually be upgrading yourself to take on a leadership position in the future.

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To be a leader at ARF, you need to have the ability to mentor and guide other individuals within your team, who will work closely with you. With effective communication and problem solving skills, you will be able to resolve problems at every level, be it internally within different teams/employees, or even externally, such as with our clients and strategic partners, all while making decisions that would work in the best interest of ARF, our employees and our clients.

Our leaders will be enrolled in regular technical skills training, so that they are able to adapt and update themselves with the changes in the industry. At the same time, they would also go for leadership training and courses, to allow them to continually upgrade themselves.


ARF is looking for team members who possess critical and analytical thinking capabilities, with an eye for details and a keen sense of urgency. With the opportunity and exposure to collaborative work in teams, you can expand your horizons in the different insurance fields and take your career to new heights. Join one of the top insurance intermediaries in Singapore and grow yourself and your career with endless opportunities and guidance.




ARF is searching for students with high potential and self-motivation. We offer many prospective opportunities for students interested in joining the insurance industry, from part time holiday jobs where you can get a feel of how the industry works, to tertiary internships and graduate programs where you can be exposed and involved in solving real work challenges with the prospect of starting your career with us.


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