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In our modern and commercialized society, all companies would need an insurance programme that would be suitable to each, in terms of coverage and cost. A well-designed insurance programme would be beneficial to your established firm, especially in managing your risk exposures. It would give you the peace of mind to conduct your business, safe in the knowledge that your assets are protected. Contact our Commercial Division @ARF to find out what are the packages available to you.

Motor Fleet

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Motor Fleet Insurance is similar to a personal Motor Insurance policy, with the sole difference being that it covers a fleet of vehicles under one master policy. If your business includes managing fleets of commercial vehicles, then this policy is well suited for you.

Not only is it less costly, selecting a Motor Fleet Insurance policy also provides added convenience for you, with only one Master Motor Fleet policy required to handle all your Private or Commercial vehicles instead of juggling numerous individual Motor Insurance policies.

As in the case of a personal Motor Insurance policy, Motor Fleet Insurance also consists of the same 3 Basic Types of coverages: -

  • - Comprehensive Cover
  • - Third Party Fire and Theft cover
  • - Thirh Party cover

By assessing the needs and preferences of your business, ARF will assist you to make an informed decision on the best suited (or even specially customised) Motor Fleet Insurance policy for your business.

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All Risks Insurance

Covers accidental physical loss or destruction or damage to property other than by excluded caused.

Fire Insurance

Covers Loss or damage to the property caused by fire or lightning.

Burglary Insurance

Covers any loss/damage to the property and premises by any theft or attempted threat.

Business Interruption Insurance

Covers loss of net profit and fixed charges following interruption of business caused by risks which are insured under a Fire policy.

Money-In-Transit Insurance

Covers loss or damage to money whilst in transit and by theft from locked drawer, safe or strongroom or by hold-up while in the premises.

Machinery and Equipment all Risks Insurance

Covers all risks of accidental physical loss or damage to the property including the risk of loading and unloading.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

An all risks cover for computers, data processing equipment and office equipment.

Machinery/Boiler Breakdown Insurance

Covers unforeseen and sudden damage to any machinery Insured from any clause not excluded. Policy excludes external causes (e.g. lightning & impact, etc).

Contractor all Risks/Erection all Risks Insurance

It is an all risks cover during the construction period for contract works against loss or damage to property and third party liability for accidental bodily injury or property damage in connection with the performance of the contract, other than by an excluded cause.

Work Injury Compensation (WICA)/Employer's Liability Insurance

Provides payment for accidental bodily injury and/or disease sustained by your employees whilst in the course of employment.

Public Liability/Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Covers the insured's legal liability to third party for accidental bodily injury or loss of or damage to property whilst in the course of business.

Travel (Business)

A comprehensive travel insurance package that could be arranged as a single trip or annual plan for your employees and even as a corporate policy on headcount basis.

Errors & Omission

It covers insured's legal liability towards claimants for costs & expenses due to insured's negligence, errors or omission committed in insured's capacity. For example, members of management committees.


More often than not, small and medium enterprises while focusing on daily business demands, overlooks the most critical safeguards for their office and shops. With such companies in mind, numerous packaged insurance solutions has been tailored for commercial enterprises, be it a small office or a retail outlet. The packages has been innovated to provide our clients with the most comprehensive cover yet is economical in pricing. Packages has been designed with you in mind such as :

  • - Offices
  • - Retail Shops : Cosmetic Shops, Provision Shops, Bridal Shops & etc
  • - Dining : Cafe, Restaurants & etc

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