Corporate Insurance



Corporate Insurance, unlike Personal Lines Insurance, insures the risk exposures of businesses and organisations. Regardless of the type of industry or scale of operations of the business, every business comes with specific operational and liability risk exposures, which could result in the business suffering financial losses. As such, Corporate Insurance is crucial and essential for the running of businesses.

Forms of Corporate Insurance include Business Interruption Insurance (for loss of net profit and fixed charges due to an interruption in business), losses due to Fire and Theft, and Goods-In-Transit Insurance (for loss or damage to marine cargo).

Corporate Insurance also protects individual Directors and Officers from liability. This is done by taking a Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.



Companies need a well-designed insurance programme that adequately insures their business risk exposures. With a well-designed insurance programme which takes into account your specific business type and risk exposure, your assets, loans, liquidity and balance sheet would be adequately protected and your business risk exposures would be more adequately managed, giving you the peace of mind to focus fully on running your business.




Cargo lost at sea or in transit with clients to account to? When such incidents happen, the loss would have to be accounted for. Marine cargo coverage would protect your business against such loss exposures. You will no longer have to worry about your cargo being unprotected. Being adequately protected means that you can focus solely on your core business activities without worrying about unforeseen eventualities.




Employees are your greatest asset. Rather than worrying about how to find the right balance between the escalating medical costs and providing competitive healthcare coverage, a well-designed benefits package will help you retain your Employees, and budget your company’s exposure in your employees’ healthcare cost.



Special Risk

ARF also arranges various forms of coverage for risks that are not underwritten normally but require special attention and experience to handle.

These insurances are known as Special Risks. Such risks require in depth consultation and experienced advice.

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