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It does not matter if you are an expatriate renting a house in Singapore, or a local homeowner.

One of the traits that both have in common is that your home, is your personal sanctuary. This is where the Premier Client Solutions (PCS) comes in to help protect your home contents, valuables and prized items such as your home theatre system, personal collections and valuables which include jewellery, antiques, artwork, paintings, wine collection, high-end limited edition watches, and expensive handbags.

PCS offers you the choice of a packaged plan or customising one to suit your home contents insurance needs. Unlike common off-the-shelf products, which may only offer cover for fire and specified perils, PCS provides all risk comprehensive worldwide coverage for your home contents and valuables.

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure, you risk losing your valuables to pickpockets, accidental damage or a pipe bursting at home when our home is unoccupied.

Mishaps may occur in your homes - a pipe burst drenching and damaging your designer gown or an unexpected power outage resulting in food spoilage. Such unfortunate accidental events are also covered under PCS “all risks” homeowner insurance policies.

Dedicated 24-hour PCS and claims hotline: 6419 3099

Key Benefits of Premier Client Solutions (PCS):

We know there is never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to protecting your home and your valuables. Let us work with you to tailor a coverage that suits your needs.

*PCS is underwritten by AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd

Contact ARF today to find out more about PCS cover at and 6717 1111.

Claims example from Premier Client Solutions (PCS)

Medical treatment leading to ring damage

While at a beach, a PCS policyholder fell and accidentally twisted her finger when a wave crashed into her.

Medical consultation was sought immediately and the doctor recommended removing the ring by cutting it in order to proceed with the necessary medical treatment for her swollen finger.

In view that the removal of the ring was crucial for the treatment of the insured’s swollen finger, hence the cost of repairing the ring was covered under the PCS policy.

The cost to repair the ring was S$5,700 with no further deductible as it is a scheduled article insured in the policy.

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Accidental spill resulting in damaged handbag

A PCS policyholder’s branded handbag that was placed in a protective bag and kept in the wardrobe was damaged by leaking fluid from a dehumidifier sachet.

The fluid seeped through the protective bag and got in contact with the handbag. When discovered, the protective bag was still filled with the fluid.

Both the retailer and repairer enquired confirmed that restoration of the handbag is not possible as the leather had been damaged by the chemicals in the fluid.

The damaged bag was assessed under the Contents coverage of the PCS policy with settlement based on replacement cost at S$ 4,100 (net of deductible S$200).

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