Affinity Programme

ARF (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd (ARF) is a leading Affinity solutions provider. Our Affinity business model has been created for organisations that wish to sell insurance alongside their main core business activities and understand that selling insurance is not just about increasing the bottom line, but about creating long-term value.

ARF’s Affinity programmes believes in winning through client engagement. We work closely with our clients in partnership as solution providers to establish a clear understanding of their business challenges and risk exposures and design Affinity programmes tailored to their needs, thereby creating a sustainable and profitable business model which results in helping our clients improve financial results and enhance customer loyalty.

ARF’s Affinity model encompasses the following key consideration:-

(1) Our industry expertise, allows us to build our strategy on our experience gained insights.

(2) Our adoption of specific needs-based approach, means we provide our clients with tailored solutions to insure their specific and unique business risk exposures.

(3) Our ready to go modular business solutions, allows easy implementation and timely delivery of quality tested services.

(4) We work with leading market insurers to bring well-designed products and solutions to you, which means you get the best tailormade insurance cover, insured by trusted insurers.

All these are made available through our Affinity technology and proven experience, delivering value added outcomes for our clients and excellent customer service for the end-customer.