Personal Lines Insurance, as the name implies, protects you and your family against unforeseen financial loss. It covers personal possessions, which includes property and liability insurance that protects individuals’ losses, such as Motor and Home. Although some insurance (e.g. Motor and Domestic Helper Insurance) are mandated by law, all Personal Lines Insurance serve an important purpose: to help and protect. With an insurance cover, should unforeseen circumstances occur, you will not be facing an insurmountable financial burden to pay off, as long as it is covered by your policy.


Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a type of insurance that covers unforeseen financial losses associated with travelling. It is a useful protection for those whilst travelling abroad.



Home Insurance

Home Insurance, also commonly called homeowner's insurance, is a type of property insurance that covers a residence.




Motor Insurance (also known as car insurance, vehicle insurance or auto insurance) is insurance for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles.



Domestic Maid

Medical and Personal Accident Insurance for Domestic Maid is mandated by the government as your Domestic Maid plays an important role in each household, be it doing chores or looking after your children.



Others - Cyber Risk

Today your entire life is online and you spend much of your time on the internet. The internet gives you convenience and improves yor life but it may expose you to cyber risks - including risk of damage to your e-reputation, fradulent transactions with your credit cards and theft of your personal information.



Others - Affluent

The way a person lives and the choices made defines a lifestyle. Be it via personal possessions, or a choice of an affluent lifestyle, your way of living represents you.


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