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Why Work with An Intermediary?

Why Work with An Intermediary?

Many people have the general impression that choosing an intermediary equates to an extra step, and additional cost.

However, it is not so for General Insurance intermediaries! By selecting an insurance intermediary, you would be provided with professional and advisory service. There is no extra middleman cost. In fact, you would be getting more for less! Instead of wading through all the complicated insurance jargon and spending time comparing and understanding the different insurance policies, an intermediary will assist you.

Intermediaries are regularly updated on insurance trends and are required to follow compliance rulings in the industry. At the same time, intermediaries will act in the interest of the customer, with a duty to advise customers on the most suitable insurance cover which would help them identify their insurance exposure and needs.

Working with a General Insurance intermediary gives added benefits when it comes to claims. With their extensive knowledge and experience, an intermediary is able to guide and assist you through the entire claims process. Being familiar with what the insurers require, in the event of a claim, they will ensure that your claim is submitted properly with all relevant documents attached, expediting the entire claims process.

Of course, after all this, the burning question on your mind would be ‘Why ARF instead of other insurance intermediaries?’ Well, let us tell you why!

ARF is the only insurance intermediary with a Call Centre operational 7 days a week (on weekends and even on public holidays). Should you prefer a friendly voice, all you have to do is pick up the phone and our staff will be right there to answer any of your queries.

ARF also has a Customer Service Centre which opens from Monday to Friday for a face to face consultation.

Should you require assistance to make informed decision, feel free to come down to our Customer Service Centre and we will be pleased to answer your queries.


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