Travel Insurance Program for Trips to Loola Adventure Resort

Loola Adventure Resorts (LOOLA) has launched a “New” travel insurance program with effect from 1st March 2016 that is tailored made and administered by ARF (Asia Pacific) Pte Ltd (ARF). This travel insurance is underwritten by AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte Ltd (AIG) and is available exclusively for Loola’s Group Guests travelling from Singapore to their resorts in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

The Summary of Benefits under this travel insurance policy is as follows:-


Summary of Benefits Maximum Benefits (S$)
Plan B
Sum Insured (S$)
Plan D
Sum Insured (S$)
Accidental Death 100,000 500,000
Permanent Disability 100,000 500,000
Medical Expense & Emergency Travel Expenses-
Return treatment up to 60 days from the date of bodily injury or sickness up to $25,000
100,000 500,000
Emergency Evacuation Expenses As Charged As Charged
Hospital Confinement-Pays $250 for each day up to 5,000 5,000
Hospital Visitation-Pays for 2 relatives or friends up to 1,000 1,000
Personal Property 1,000 1,000
Money 1,000 1,000
Travel Inconvenience Benefits:
Cancellation, Curtailment, Travel Disruption, Replacement, Employment Disruption
10,000 10,000
Travel Delay 200 200
Hijack 2,000 2,000
Kidnap 3,000 3,000
Personal Liability 100,000 100,000

- Above Benefits are subject to the Terms & Conditions of Loola’s policy.
- No Age Limit
- No exclusion on Pre-existing Medical Condition
- Aggregate Limit on the policy is S$5,000,000 per accident.

The above list of benefits is only a summary and you are advised to read the Policy Wording for the full terms, conditions and exclusions of this plan. This policy has been customized by AIG for Loola and is not a standard product available to others.

In the event you wish to make a claim upon your return to Singapore, simply complete the AIG Travel Claim Form and follow the procedures as set out in the policy and outlined in this Claim Procedure. Do take note that notice of any claim must be given within 30 days after the occurrence of any event which may give rise to a claim.

For any enquiries or clarification with regards to this travel insurance plan, you can contact ARF at (65) 6377 6683.

In the event of an emergency while overseas, you can contact the 24-hour Emergency Hotline at (65) 6735 2221, referring to the Loola Adventure Resorts policy.