Corporate Insurance


In our modern and commercialized society, all companies would need an insurance programme that would be suitable to each, in terms of coverage and cost.  A well-designed insurance programme would be beneficial to your established firm, especially in managing your risk exposures.  It would give you the peace of mind to conduct your business, safe in the knowledge that your assets are protected. Contact our Commercial Division @ARF to find out what are the packages available to you.


ARF has the expertise and experience to arrange all forms of Marine related risks for your cargo, vessel, yacht, legal liabilities to third party property or bodily injury and the list goes on.  Contact our Marine Division @ARF Now!

Special Risk

ARF provides various forms of coverage to professionals in their respective capacity. Contact our Special Risk @ARF Now! The following are some examples:


We care enough to know that life is fraught with risks.  Risks that could affect your life and the lives of your loved ones.  In this ever-changing world, products are revised regularly to cover the various aspects of increasing risks.  It is every individual's concern on the escalating medical costs versus quality healthcare.  Whilst we cannot prevent illnesses or accidents from happening, we can safe guard an individual, the employer or even the employees savings from high medical cost and also giving everyone a peaceful mind. Contact our Benefits @ARF to find out what are the packages available to you.


ARF has successfully implemented various schemes for many companies and associations.  It is through co-ordination and dediction of our experienced staff to manage the scheme. Below are some of our implemented scheme & program.  Contact us Now and we would be glad to share more with you.…