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We care enough to know that life is fraught with risks. Risks that could affect your life and the lives of your loved ones. In this ever-changing world, products are revised regularly to cover the various aspects of increasing risks. It is every individual's concern on the escalating medical costs versus quality healthcare. Whilst we cannot prevent illnesses or accidents from happening, we can safe guard an individual, the employer or even the employees savings from high medical cost and also giving everyone a peaceful mind.

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Hospital & Surgical Insurance

Covers hospital expenses, surgical expenses and emergency accident outpatient expenses incurred as a result of accident, sickness or disease commencing or occurring during the period of insurance.

Out-Patient Insurance

Pays consultation fees and medical bills incurred due to illness. Requiring the attention of a general practitioner or a panel of doctors in a corporate plan coverage.

Critical Illnesses Insurance

In Singapore, the leading causes of death are cancer, which afflicts 27% of the population, and heart disease, which attacks 25% of the people. A further 11% are hit by stroke and 7% by accidents.

Some killers, like cancer, can strike at any age. For instance, while the most affected are in the 40-59 years old age group, a substantial 22% of deaths of children in the age group of 5 to 14 yrs old are caused by cancer. Protect you and your family from facing the financial struggle with a critical illness policy. It will pay you at least the guaranteed sum assured, in one lump sum, as soon as a critical illness is diagnosed.

Personal Accident Insurance

Covers you for bodily injury or death arising from an accident.

International Health

More details to come soon...

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